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Signed and personailsed paperback



My name is Ryan, but to my brothers, I’m Tracker. A name that was given to me by my president when I joined the Blood Brothers MC. A decision that changed my life.
You see, I was an FBI agent, working the streets to bring clubs like the Blood Brothers down. Clubs that represented drugs, women trafficking, and illegal guns. Yet here I am, now part of the very same thing I swore I would bring to justice.
Loyalty, honor, and brotherhood that’s what they represent. A family where I belong and something my brother, Tate, and me, missed growing up. I never expected to be part of a brotherhood, and one that always had each other’s backs.
With my skills as an agent, it wasn’t long before the president used those very same skills to help out the club when needed. Not only was I their Tracker, but I was also the man who was respected and called upon when the club needed it the most.
Even though I was happy in my new life, I felt like something was missing. A woman, an o’l lady, someone I could share my life with, and I thought I knew who that someone was. That was until my ex, Riley, showed up as the lead detective in a murder investigation, and I found my heart torn between the woman who had my heart and the woman who has it now.

Sophia, Property of Tracker

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