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I did it, I’m an attorney! Well, I’m an intern at a prestige law firm.... But that doesn’t matter,  I’ve been given my first assiagnment: head down to Texas to get the Connolly brothers to sign a contract releasing the title of their ranch.

It’s a piece of cake, right?


Well, that’s what I thought, until I actually met the brothers, one in particular. Kye Connolly. I wasn’t ready for the way my body tingled when I first laid eyes on him. His sun kissed skin, his chiseled jaw, and the way his muscles strained when he was working out on the field made me feel all kinds of things. Things that I’ve never felt before.


The problem is, I have a job to do, one that could make or break my fledgling career. No matter how I feel about Kye Connolly, he's a client, and I needed to get the job done.


I only wish my heart would listen....