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Sub Rosa MC

Blood Brothers
Sins of the Biker - Sub Rosa MC Book 1


Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth
The seven deadly sins.

Sins I know I’m guilty of most days.
Lust, anger, and, most of all, envy—these three sins keep me awake at night.
Envy of the man who got the girl I’ve loved all my life. The girl I promised I would take care of forever and always. The girl I hoped I would have a future with and who would take my name and have my children.
But I was wrong.
My dreams ended the day my father was killed, and I had to step up as president of the Lost Souls MC, a job I didn’t want but was forced into taking.
Serena said she would wait for me, give me time to settle a score that could ultimately lead to my death. But she didn’t.
Instead, she chose to marry the one man who ruined my life and took my family—Clemente.
Gone is that sweet boy that promised her love, hope, and a future…
Instead, he’s been replaced with a proud man wanting Serena to pay for choosing the enemy over me.


Bikers Redemption.jpg


The Sins of the Biker returns in book 2, The Biker’s Redemption.

Three years have passed since Harl
ey chose revenge over the woman he loved—Serena.
With his father’s death weighing on his shoulders, leaving Serena was a tough choice, but one he had to make. Harley knew it was dangerous for him to kill the man responsible. The consequences—Serena’s life would be in jeopardy.
Harley told Serena that things were over, he left her thinking she was out of harm’s way. What he didn’t count on was that it would lead her into the arms of his enemy’s son.

When Harley learns this and sees them together on their wedding day, anger like nothing he’s ever known washes through him. He’s furious, feels betrayed and should kill them both—there’s one problem, he still loves her.
But how can he win her back when she’s a married woman?

The only way he knows how… by kidnapping her.

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