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Leaving Texas was the hardest thing that I had ever had to do. But my career was in New York, I needed to move in order to set up a life for myself.

My life and career began to come together, I had my dream job as a counselor, an apartment that I could afford and friends that made the sting of missing home bearable.

Finding a man to share my life with was proving to be more of a challenge than I thought. I dated, and slept with a couple of men, but none that made me want to have a future with. That was until I met Jake Connolly. In our local bar, after work one day, was a cowboy standing by a jukebox. A cowboy that made me think of home. One kiss was all it took to have me in his bed. He was honest, said he could only give me one night, but I didn’t care, at that moment I just wanted him, and had him I did. It was the best night of my life that ended all too soon. I thought I would never see Jake again, but fate had other plans for us…

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